8 comments on “Is Victor Cruz a top 10 receiver?

  1. With his contract situation, I thought was a terrific topic. It was well done, not overly statistical, but one would be well informed. I do think he would surpass Wayne in Indy and Johnson in Houston. It would be interesting to see him in Detroit or Kansas City. Very well done.


  2. If I were the Giants, even though I have Nicks, I would make it a point to sign Cruz first. He’s the most consistent producer and he actually stays on the field, although he’d kill with a more consistent QB.


  3. If you’re attaching the most weight to touchdowns, then you’re right. Cruz is more of a playmaker than Wayne or Johnson based on scores. However, both Wayne and Johnson had more than 100 catches last season, which is way more than Cruz. Johnson’s YPR is much higher than Cruz’ and Wayne’s is equal. I think Cruz would have to earn his way past either player if he were playing along side them.


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