One comment on “5 players the Denver Broncos cannot do without

  1. The division does not look to be Denver’s. Kansas City is by no means in disarray, compared to Oakland and San Deigo. Denver’s 3 headed receiver attack only makes Denver easier to defend, and their defense will be a lot worse than expected due to the lack of playmaking talent, most notably in the secondary. Manning is not one of the best at his position. He throws games away, he makes poor choices when the game and season is on the line, and is purely a regular-season QB, whereas the greats are made in the post-season, those like Brady, Montana, Starr, Manning, Aikman, Stabauch, Graham, Title, and Big Ben. Welker is 32 and is nothing but a product of a west coast offense, something Denver doesn’t run nor has the pieces to run(starting with Peyton Manning). So what if the Broncos say they’ll watch how New England used him, are they New England. No. Is their offense as good as New England. No. Is their QB as good as Brady. No. So how can they use him like New England? They can’t. Plain and simple. Denver will, to some, do a lot worse than expected.


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