One comment on “They pulled a gun on my child

  1. Yup. It’s your loved ones and now you got all the school shootings, and other “foiled” plans. here in Bend, OR… of all places, small town compared to most… and they had 6 tips on 6 different students. 2 they found credible (threats made, social media conversations checked, and access to guns in the house) and wow – same school, different kids. That’s a school that is an option for my son to go to next year. It hits very close to home. Those two kids were arrested. Just a year older than my son. What? I can’t be worrying about my kids safety at school or the responsibility of parents ensuring guns are locked up properly. When the kids walk to the bus and get to school, I have to believe they are going to be safe. The worse thing hitting them being a ton of homework, or big project.

    Anyway, I’m glad your son is physically okay. Some of these kids that they didn’t find their threats credible, might end up growing into these jerk-face adults that attacked your son.


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